Technical service and metrology check


Limited liability company «Scientific and production enterprise «ORION» executes technical service, repair and metrology check of gas analyzers of "DOZOR-S"

For the dispatch of gas analyzers "DOZOR-S" is needed:

1. To produce dismantling of stationary gas analyzers of " DOZOR-S " (power and signaling module (PSM) and all sensors module).

2. The stationary gas analyzers of " DOZOR-S " set forth for a complete set with measuring transformers (MT) (by sensors). NOT TO SEND technical documentation (passport, methodology of check, guidance on exploitation), charge devices, demountable barbells, gas-collecting probes with a tube and cables of connecting PSM and MT.

3. On the sent gas analyzers an inventory and covering letter are made addressed to a director «Scientific and production enterprise «ORION» in that specified;

it is the name of gas analyzer; it is a plant number of gas analyzer;

it is reason of dispatch (maintenance, repair (character of the shown disrepair), metrology check);

- first/last name of pin person, his № mobile, working telephone and telephone/fax on that it is possible to pass invoice for payment of the given services. On possibility e - mail.

 A letter is signed by the leader (chief of department) of the organization sent gas analyzers of "DOZOR-S" with the guarantee of payment of the given services.

4. The gas analyzers of "DOZOR-S" leave on a preliminary concordance on organization of «SPE «ORION» or on the chief of department Gural Ivan Todeushevich with timely notification № of declaration by phone (057) 719-40-53 (55) next motor-car ferrymen:

is the first Autolux;

it is Novaya pochta;

it is the Nochnoj express

or other.

5. After the receipt of gas analyzers the department of technical control technical examination of every gas analyzer of "DOZOR-S" is conducted on the basis of that an account is proposed invoice, if necessary an agreement is made on the grant of services.

6. Calibration and repair works are carried out from 20 to 40 banking days (depending on the complexity of the repair and the availability of components) after 100% prepayment.


1. Without the covering letter of work on technical service not produced.

2. On stationary gas analyzers of "DOZOR-S" not fully manned by sensors, testifying to the metrology check is not given out.

3. Charges on delivery of devices CUSTOMER carries to the place of realization of works.