Portable individual gas analyzer - leak detector DOZOR-S-P

perenpsnoy gazoanalizator 



Application domain

Portable gas analyzers, gas detectors and leak detectors are distinguished by:
а) realizations of periodic control of maximum-possible concentrations in mid air of working zone of harmful substances (СО, NH3, NO, NO2, Cl2, H2S, O2, CO2, SO2);
б) realizations of periodic control to the explosive concentrations of combustible gases and steams in mid air (hydrogen, hydrocarbon gases, pairs of alcohols, oil products, solvents of and other);
в) deliveries of the light and voice signaling under reaching the set values of concentration.

The gas analyzer of DOZOR-S-Pk is supplied exceptionally for control of combustible gases.




Technical descriptions

  1. Built-in (DOZOR-S-P) or bearing-out (DOZOR-S-Pv) sensor;
  2. Anti-static leather cover (only for DOZOR-S-Pk);
  3. Telescopic probe (only for DOZOR-S-Pv);
  4. Digital indication of the controlled gas;
  5. Light and voice signaling of exceeding of legitimate values of concentration (Thresholds 1,2,3);
  6. Indication of the state of storage batteries;
  7. Embedded system of self-diagnose;
  8. Shockproof housig;
  9. Explosion-proof execution II 2G Ex ib IIB T4 Gb;
  10. A charge device is in a complete set;
  11. Presence of built-in micro-pump (only for DOZOR-S-Pk);
  12. Overall sizes: DOZOR-S-P 212х83х32 mm, DOZOR-S-Pv 164х83х32 mm, DOZOR-S-Pk 210х90х60 mm.
  13. Mass is no more 0,6 kg;




Freon measurement R22, R-134a, R404a, R-407c, R-410

and other refrigerants

as well as measurement of MPC methane СН4



Controlled substances

Controlled substance

Measuring range interval




Combustible gases, vapors

to explosive concentrations

0-50% LFL(lower flammability level)
10% LFL 20% LFL -

MPC methane CH4

0-1000 mg/m3 300 mg/m3
1000 mg/m3 -
Hydrogen 0-2% volume ratio
0,4% volume ratio
1% volume ratio
Ammonia NH3 0-120 mg/m3
20 mg/m3
60 mg/m3
200 mg/m3
Chlorine Cl2 0-5 mg/m3
1,00 mg/m3
5,00 mg/m3
Nitrogen oxide NO 0-30 mg/m3
5,0 mg/m3
15,0  mg/m3
Nitrogen dioxide NO2 0-15 mg/m3
5,0 mg/m3
15,0 mg/m3
Sulphur dioxide SO2 0-120  mg/m3
10,0 mg/m3
50,0 mg/m3
Hydrogen disulfide H2S 0-50 mg/m3
10,0 mg/m3
30,0 mg/m3
Oxygen O2 0-30% volume ratio
19,0% volume ratio
17,0% volume ratio
23,0 % volume ratio
Carbon monoxide CO 0-120 mg/m3
20,0 mg/m3
50,0 mg/m3
100,0 mg/m3
Carbon dioxide CO2 0-5,0 % volume ratio
0,25 % volume ratio
0,5 % volume ratio  
Freons 0-10000 ppm 300 ppm 500 ppm  



Other product categories:

- Portable multicomponent gas analyzers

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