The magnetic water treatment with MHD resonators application range

Energetics and metallurgy:

• Preventing scale formation, removal of previously deposited scale;

• Hot, cold and recycling water supply systems;

• Water-heating or steam boilers;

• Water conditioning and makeup demineralizer;

• Compressors heat-exchanging units, refrigerators and condensers;

• Water-desalinating plants;

• Combustion of liquid hydrocarbon fuel;

Chemical, petrochemical, chemical, chemico-pharmaceutical and food industry:

• Evaporation plants (to prevent milk milk stone deposits provided milk superacidity);

Separation of dispersed systems:

 • Precipitation, bleaching, sedimentation;

 • Filtering, centrifugation;


 Separation of liquids:

• Distillation;

• Rectification, fractionation.


Interfacial interaction:

 • Crystallization;

 • Dissolution;

 • Adsorption;

 • Desorption;

 • Flushing of sediments;

 • Lime hydration.


Thermal processes:

 • Evaporation, drying;

 • Heating and cooling;

 • combustion of liquid hydrocarbon fuels.




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