Stationary gas analyzers of harmful substances

Стационарный газоанализатор ДОЗОР-С

Application domain

Gas analyzer Warner of harmful substances is intended for:
a) of continuous automatic control of довзрывоопасных concentrations of hydrogen, combustible gases and steams and their totality, measuring of maintenance of ammonia, dioxide of nitrogen, dioxide of sulphur, dioxide of carbon, oxygen, oxide of nitrogen, oxide of carbon, sulphuretted hydrogen and chlorine (further on text are gases) in mid air apartments and on open-space;
b) deliveries of the light and voice signaling and commutation of external electric chains under reaching the set values of concentration of gases.
c) deliveries of the light and voice signaling and commutation of external electric chains at the wearing-out of indicator of presence of water (for Warners, manned water indicator and having denotation of DOZOR-S-х-ххV);
d) transformations of the measured value of concentration to the output signal of direct-current (for Warners having an output signal of direct-current);
e) deliveries of signal of blocking of external chains of alternating current in case of setting off feed of Warner;
f) measuring of entrance signal of direct-current;
g) New products: gas analyzers of freons R22, R-134a, R404a, R-407c, R-410 and other refrigerants.


  • microsystem of treatment of information and self-diagnose;
  • built-in light and voice signaling on every channel;
  • automatic tuning of "zero";
  • digital counting out device of concentration of gas;
  • management possibility by peripheral executive devices;
  • automatic trouble-free passing to the reserve feed at disappearing basic;
  • presence of current and digital exits;
  • simultaneous checking maximum of possible concentrations of harmful gases and pre-explosive concentrations of combustible gases feature.

Technical descriptions

  1. Amount of measuring channels - from 1 to 5;
  2. Range of working temperatures -
    for BPS from +1 to +50 °C;
    for measuring transducer from -40 to +50 °C;
  3. Feed:
    - Basic ±24V, ~220V, ±220V;
    - Reserve ±24V, ~220V, ±220V;
  4. Output signals:
    - is a management by executive devices is a "dry" contact of relay, 2 А, 220 V;
    - it is a current exit – 0-5, or 4-20 мА;
    - it is a digital exit – RS 232 or RS 485;
    - it is a signal "Refuse";
  5. BPS – IP communication line - 3-wire, noise protected up to 1200 m.
  6. Overall sizes of component parts of Warner :
    - BPS: 284 х 232 х 143 mm;
    - a sensor is: 100 х 115 х 110 mm;
  7. Mass of component parts of Warner:
    - BPS – 4,0 kg;
    - a sensor is – 0,4 kg;



 Other product categories:

 – Gas analyzers for gases and vapors of flammable liquids;

– Multichannel digital systems DOZOR-S-х-х-C-х;

– Stationary gas analyzers for the enterprises of connection;

– Stationary gas analyzers of gases and steams of combustible liquids;

– Multichannel checking of gas contamination of ДОЗОР-С-х-хх-0ххх-х system;


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