Stationary gas analyzers and gas detectors DOZOR-S


General information:

Stationary gas analyzers and gas detectors are designed to control combustible gases lower explosive limit concentrations, harmful gases maximum allowable concentrations (MAC), as well as their various combinations.


Gas analyzer DOZOR-S (IP 65)

The gas analyzers are equipped with built-in threshold devices, which upon reaching of the prescribed pollution standards may bring into operation external actuating mechanisms (ventilation system, shut-down valve, alarm-apparatus, etc.). The stationary gas analyzers and gas detectors have the current and digital outputs and can be used for constructioning of automatic detection and hazardous gases monitoring systems.

Structurally, the stationary gas analyzer and gas detector unit consists of the power supply and signalling unit and also comprises from one to eight measuring transducers (MT).

Housing of the power supply polycarbonate, by the “BOPLA” company, with the protection degree IP 65 (for both indoor and outdoor use), the threshold devices outputs are available separately for each channel.

The gas analyzers measuring transducers (sensors) are connected by two- or three-core cables at the distance of 1200 m from the power supply and signalling unit.



Other product categories:

  – Stationary gas analyzers of harmful substances;

 – Multichannel digital systems DOZOR-S-х-х-C-х;

 – Stationary gas analyzers for the enterprises of connection;

 – Stationary gas analyzers of gases and steams of combustible liquids;

 – Multichannel checking of gas contamination of ДОЗОР-С-х-хх-0ххх-х system;


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