Gas flowmeter DOZOR-S-M-10

Расходомер газа ДОЗОР-С-М-10







Application domain


Intended for an instantaneous discovery and estimation of losses of gas through upcast safety-valves and other purge pipelines. Principle of action is based on measuring of concentration of gas in a candle depending on the size of his loss. For this purpose in an upcast candle from exteriority a probe is placed, after during a 5-10 sec., measuring, and fixing of results is produced in memory with pointing of time and date of realization of works. A flowmeter consists of portable measuring block of Warner of DOZOR-S-M-10 and external telescopic probe.


- the necessity of cutting in is absent for a pipeline;

- does not create the losses of pressure and gas expense;

- a very tall sensitiveness allows to control the least losses of gas, inaccessible for other facilities measuring;

- archiving of control results;

- integrated GPS- modem for registration of moving of personnel during a working day (option).

Technical descriptions

  1. The controlled environment is natural gas, methane;
  2. Range of control of outgassing:

    waste candle, mm

    Q, m3/h
    20 0,001÷0,016
    50 0,005÷0,180
    80 0,01÷0,2
  3. Measuring time, no more, - 10 sec.;
  4. Class of implosion protection – II 2G Ex db ib IIB T4 Gb;
  5. Time of continuous work without the subcharge of accumulator, no less 20 hours;
  6. Length of telescopic probe - 2,4 or a 6 m;
  7. Mass, no more - 1,5 kg.


Other product categories:

- Leak detector Dozor-S-М-XХ;
- Leak detector DOZOR-S-Pp;

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