Leak Detector Dozor-S-Pp

Течеискатель ДОЗОР_С_Пп


Application domain


Intended for a discovery micro concentrations of gas at losses from underground and surface gas pipelines, gas armature, weld-fabricated connections, and also for control to the explosive concentrations of gas in mid air industrial and domestic objects. Allow to conduct control of impermeability of plugforming armature without "soaping".

Technical descriptions


1. Threshold of including of signaling - 1 ppm;

2. Range of measuring - from 0 to 22000 ppm (from 0 to 2,2 % volume ratio);

3. Time of wearing-out of signaling is a no more than 5 sec.;

4. Time of continuous work without the additional charging of accumulator - no less than 10 hour.;

5. Light and voice signaling;

6. Autotuning of "zero" and self-diagnose;

7. Automatic protecting of sensor from overloads;

8. Explosion-proof execution II 2G Ex ib IIB T4 Gb;

9. Indication of the state of storage batteries;

10. Shockproof housig;

11. Anti-static cover;

12. In a complete set with a charge device;

13. Overall sizes: 190х90х60 mm;

14. Mass: no more than 0,6 kg


Other product categories:

- Leak detector Dozor-S-М-XХ;
- Gas flowmeter DOZOR-S-M-10;

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