Portable exhaust gases analyzers and detectors DOZOR-S-M-D

Переносной газоанализатор отходящих газов кислородомер


Portable exhaust gases analyzers and detectors DOZOR-S-M-D are designed for rapid analysis of smoke fumes during the quality control of fuel combustion in the boiler units.

DOZOR-S-M-D gas analyzers are applied for the combustion modes optimization in fuel-firing arrangements.

DOZOR-S-M-D gas analyzer is designed as a compact portable unit with built-in mini pump. The mixture, that is to be analyzed, is taken from the chimney with bar sonde, connected by the flexible tube to the measurement unit.

The gas analyzer digital display indicates concentration of each measured component of the gas mixture, calculated CO2 value and air-to-fuel ratio λ, and also the accumulator battery status.


DOZOR-S-M-D gas analyzer is equipped with automatic calibration and fault detection systems.

The main characteristics of portable exhaust gases analyzers and detectors DOZOR-S-M-D:

• number of measured components - from 1 to 5;

• the gas mixture identifying components:



Measurement range

Oxygen (О2)

from 0 to 30 % volume

Carbon monoxide (СО)

from 0 to 500, 1000, 2000 or 10000 mg/m3

Nitrogen dioxide (NO2)

from 0 to 500 mg/m3

Sulfur dioxide (SO2)

from 0 to 2000 mg/m3

Hydrogen sulphide (H2S)

from 0 to 50 or 200 mg/m3

For effective and quality fuel combustion in the boiler units the air / fuel ratio must be precisely balanced. Lack of air during combustion causes incomplete combustion and, as consequence, excess fuel flow. Also unburned fuel components, formed in the smoke fumes, may cause an explosion. Excess air also leads to excess fuel consumption for extra air heating as part of exhaust gases. In both cases, the fuel combustion is accompanied by increased release of highly toxic gases into the atmosphere.

The optimum air/ fuel ratio depends on the fuel quality and air conditions (pressure, temperature, humidity, etc.). Utilizing of portable exhaust gases analyzers and detectors DOZOR-S allows monitoring the air/fuel ratio, that minimizes the boiler non-optimal operating time and ensures low amount of harmful emissions.


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