Stationary gas analyzers of off-gas


Стационарный газоанализатор отходящих газов


Application domain

For effective and quality incineration of fuel in caldron aggregates correlation must be exactly balanced air/fuel. The lack of air at burning causes incomplete combustion and, as a result, overrun of fuel. The also appearing in smoke gas unfire-damaged components of fuel can result in an explosion. Surplus of air also results in the overrun of fuel on heating of superfluous air in composition off-gas. In both cases incineration of fuel is accompanied by the enhanceable troop landing in the atmosphere of high-toxic gases.

Optimal correlation air/a fuel depends on quality of fuel and air (pressure, temperature, humidity etc.). Use of stationary gas analyzers - gas analyzers of off-gas of Dozor-S allows to control correlation air/fuel, that minimizes time of nonoptimal work of caldron and guarantees a subzero amount maintenance of harmful extrass. High reliability gas measuring systems of Dozor-S allows to get these advantages during many years at minimum running expenses.

The stationary gas analyzers of off-gas are intended for:

а) analysis of composition of smoke off-gas on maintenance Oxygen О2, Carbon monoxide CO, Carbon dioxide CO2, Nitrogen oxide NO, Nitrogen dioxide NO2, Sulphur dioxide SO2, Hydrogen disulfide H2S;

b) determinations coefficient of surplus air - λ;

c) managements by the drive of serve air for maintenance of optimal expense of fuel.


- gas analyzers - gas detectors of Dozor-S exhaust gases are stationary devices using electrochemical sensors, a forced sampling method;

- stationary gas analyzer - gas detector of exhaust gases Dozor-S can operate both in manual and automatic mode without operator intervention;

- when operating in automatic mode, the gas analyzer, in addition to the main functions, performs auto-calibration, auto-testing and control of the condensate collector;

- there is the possibility of remote monitoring and control using a PC or a remote control unit via RS-485 interface.



The system of a stationary gas analyzer - gas detector of exhaust gases Dozor-S includes:
 - gas intake probe installed directly in the chimney;
 - impulse gas sampling line;
 - sample preparation unit for sampling, cooling, cleaning and normalized supply of the analyzed gas mixture to the sensors;
 - a set of gas sensors;
 - electronic control and indication unit.




Technical specifications

1. Measurement range:
 - Oxygen (O2): from 1 to 14% vol., From 0 to 30% vol.
 - Carbon monoxide (CO): 0 to 500, 2000 or 10000 mg / m3
 - Carbon dioxide (CO2): 0 to 20% vol.
 - Nitrogen dioxide (NO2): 0 to 40 or 1000 mg / m3
 - Nitric oxide (NO): 0 to 300 mg / m3
 - Sulfur dioxide (SO2): 0 to 250 or 5000 mg / m3
 - Hydrogen sulfide (H2S): from 0 to 150 mg / m3
 - Lambda (calculation) 0-24
 2. Max. flue gas temperature: +800 oС
 3. Zero calibration: automatic 1 time per hour or programmed
 4. Condensate collector control: automatic
 5. Archive of component measurements: up to 2000 records
 6. Interface: RS-232 or RS-485
 7. Unified current signal: 0-5 mA, 4-20 mA for each measurement channel
 8. "Dry" relay contacts (U = 220 V, I = 2.5 A): two (threshold 1, threshold 2) for each measurement channel
 9. Control output of the blower fan drive: two positional (dry relay contact) and current 4-20 mA
 10. Sound and light alarm: automatic
 11. Supply voltage: ~ 220V / 50Hz, (160 ÷ 300) V



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