Multichannel checking of gas contamination of DOZOR-S system


Intended for continuous automatic control of pre-explosive concentrations of combustible gases and steams and their totalities in mid air shopfloors and outward options, and also for including of peripheral executive devices at exceeding of the set limits of gas contamination.

Are used for providing of safe terms of labour on enterprises on transporting and processing of oil and gas.

Distinctive features:

Every measuring channel is executed in the autonomous functionally complete module. The modules are interchangeable and have:

      –    microsystem of the signal processing and digital counting out device;

      –    the embedded system of the trouble-free passing to the reserve feed;

      –    are user facilities of blocking of disconnecting of aggregate without disconnecting of ventilation during realization of check and technical service;

      –    it is possibility of increase of amount of channels to 62;

      –    it is an universal basic/reserve feed: ≅24 V / ≅220 V;

      –    two- or three-level signaling of exceeding of possible concentrations.

 The capacity of every module (measuring channel) is saved at the refuse of any contiguous module and/or CU.

 Simultaneous control of methane, sulphuretted hydrogen, oxide of carbon, oxygen and other gases is possible.

 Structurally and functionally consonant with the gas analyzers of firm SIEGER models 1300 and 1301 and can be used for their replacement at a reconstruction.

The construction of sensors provides:

– is the extended range of working temperatures to +100 °C;

– verification after gas to mixtures without application of additional attachments, directly on the object of exploitation;

– diffusive or force serve of analysable mixture;



Basic technical descriptions

Amount of measuring channels From 1 to 62
Output signals:
management outwardly. by executive devices compatible current exit, мА
digital exit
On every channel "dry contacts" of relay

4 – 20;
RS 485
Range of working temperatures, °C
for the power and signaling (BPS) module
for a sensor

from -20 to +50
from -40 to +50
(for CnHm -40 to +100)
A flow of БПС line is a sensor 3-wire, noise protected
up to 1200 m
Feed 24 V; 220 V
Power consumptions 6 W/channel
Overall sizes, mm:

450 х 176 х 310
91 х 105 х 60


Other product categories:

 – Gas analyzers for gases and vapors of flammable liquids;

– Stationary gas analyzers of harmful substances;

– Multichannel digital systems DOZOR-S-х-х-C-х;

– Stationary gas analyzers for the enterprises of connection;

– Stationary gas analyzers of gases and steams of combustible liquids;


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