Multichannel digital systems of DOZOR-S-C

In execution the order ministry of emergency of Ukraine № 288 from 15.05.2006 the row of technical equipments is needed for monitoring potentially dangerous objects, in particular for objects, in the technological processes of that poisonous and explosive substances (chlorine, ammonia, oil products, natural and condensated gas etc.) are used application of automatic gas analyzers of maximum-possible concentrations of poisonous substances and pre-explosive concentrations of combustibles, pressductors, maximum levels and temperature is needed.


Газоанализатор цифровой многокомпонентный

Application domain

Multichannel digital Warner of DOZOR-S-C is intended for:
а)  of continuous automatic control of pre-explosive concentrations of combustible gases and steams and their totality, measuring of maintenance of ammonia, dioxide of nitrogen, dioxide of sulphur, dioxide of carbon, oxygen, oxide of nitrogen, oxide of carbon, sulphuretted hydrogen and chlorine (further on text are gases) in mid air apartments and on open-space;
b) control maximum top level and temperatures of light oil products, oil, water and other liquid environments in different family reservoirs, capacities, containers etc.;
c) deliveries of the light and voice signaling and commutation of external electric chains under reaching the next set values of concentration of gases.
d) deliveries of signal to commutation of external electric chains in case of setting off feed of Warner;
e) measuring of entrance signal of direct-current and tension;
f) New: production of SF6 gas analyzers mastered.

Technical descriptions

  1. Amount of flow lines - to 6;
  2. A maximal amount of sensors is in every flow line:
    - for control of pre-explosive concentrations to 6;
    - for control of maximum permissible concentration of harmful substances to 14;
    - for control of temperature and maximum level of hydrocarbon oils to 14;
    - for control of pressure in capacities to 10.
    Amount of sensors is determined the coming from a maximal total watts-in in every line.
  3. External output signals:
    - are "dry contacts" of relay on every flow line on the thresholds of "Threshold 1 - Threshold 3" and "Refuse";
    - it is a digital output interface of RS 485;
  4. There is archiving of measured of data real-time;
  5. Explosion-proof execution of ExiaIIB;
  6. Length of flow line is to 800 meters.
  7. Sensors with digital exits, interchangeable;
  8. Basic feed: ~220V, =24V; Reserve feed: = 24V
  9. Corps of BPS provides the degree of defence of IP 65 for GOST 14254;
  10. Level of voice pressure of Warner no less than 65 dB in the distance a 1 m from Warner;
  11. Middle work on the refuse of Warner no less than 35000 our. A criterion of refuse is appearance of signal "REFUSE";
  12. Complete middle tenure of employment of Warner no less than 12.
    A criterion of the maximum state is economic pointlessness of renewal of capacity of Warner by repair.
  13. Mean time of renewal of capacity no more than 3 ч.
  14. Overall sizes of component parts of Warner :
    - BPS: 365 х 300 х 150 mm;
    - a sensor is: 100 х 115 х 110 mm;
  15. Mass of component parts of Warner :
    - BPS – 5,0 kg;
    - a sensor is – 0,4 kg;



Other product categories:

 – Gas analyzers for gases and vapors of flammable liquids;

– Stationary gas analyzers of harmful substances;

– Stationary gas analyzers for the enterprises of connection;

– Stationary gas analyzers of gases and steams of combustible liquids;

– Multichannel checking of gas contamination of ДОЗОР-С-х-хх-0ххх-х system;


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